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Pension Performance UK is a premium Pension Unlocking service for clients with over 20,000 in single or multiple funds.

We have been doing this for years. Quite simply, if pension unlocking is right for you we will do our utmost to make it happen. Explained in plain English with no fuss...

pension unlocking

Pension unlocking can make a lot of sense for some people. Once released you have options on how to use the funds you have unlocked. Some clients use their funds as a much needed cash boost - pay off loans or debts, support other family members, take a longed for holiday or support a new business venture. Other clients wish to place their funds into other investment opportunities to see if they can turbo-boost their pension before retirement.


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> Release Cash For Any Purpose

Depending upon your age and pension type you may be able to unlock up to 25% of your current pension fund TAX FREE. You can use the cash for any purpose you choose (paying off debts, holidays, helping other family members). Pension unlocking is not a loan, there are no repayments afterwards !

> Reinvest In Higher Yield Opportunities

Why put up with a poor performing pension? You may be able to turbo-boost your pension with alternative plans with a higher yield. Our team of professional Wealth Managers will explain all your options to you. Pension Performance UK also has access to some exclusive investment opportunities.

> What Kind Of Pension You Need

Most company pensions, private pensions, final salary pensions and personal pensions. Please note state pensions cannot be released.

> What Are The Costs

Nothing to enquire and find out what your options are.  We only charge a fee for our professional services in arranging the release of your pension or managing it should you decide to reinvest. We cannot provide this cost now without knowing what pension you have. You will always be told exactly what charges there are before you decide anything. No release - No fee.

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